Alfredo Esquillo 25-Year Retrospective at Ateneo Art Gallery


“Continuing Spirit: Alfredo Esquillo,” a 25-year retrospective, gathers 37 of Esquillo’s major works representing various artistic stages. Since completing his BFA degree at the University of Santo Tomas, Esquillo has focused on representing different aspects of reality, both from within and without. His practice is also guided by a strong devotion to folk religiosity in Quiapo. Apart from winning paintings from national and international competitions, the exhibit also features his creative experiments weaving two canvases into mat patterns, his appropriation and face cut-outs of archival photos using different media, and his tragicomedy series. Curated by Renato Habulan, this special exhibition highlights Esquillo’s every aesthetic milestone.

This exhibit coincides with the launch of Esquillo’s self-titled book chronicling his struggles and triumphs both in life and art.

For gallery information and contact details, please click here.

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