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[Sketch] Corinne de San Jose Discusses Her Work for Abstract Photography Exhibition, “Equivalent/s,” at Silverlens

Blink and you’ll miss it–and we hope you don’t.  “Equivalent/s,” exploring methods of abstraction in photography, and curated by Rachel Rillo, is on its last couple of days in Silverlens Galleries. For this week’s Sketch, we asked Corinne de San Jose, one of the exhibiting artists, about the photographs she created for the show. 

Sketch: Artist and Ceramicist Genavee Lazaro

“Sketch” is The Art Report’s look at specific artworks, pieces of history, artists, spaces, and more—in short format. In this Sketch, we engage with artist Genavee Lazaro to discuss her paintings, her ceramics, and the succulents that inhabit them.

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