“Distortions of Reality”: Jinggoy Buensuceso at Galleria Duemila

Jinggoy Buensuceso, Requiem for a Faraway Star 1 (2018). Powder coated molten aluminum. 186 x 121 x 10 cm / 73.28 x 47.67 x 3.94 in. Courtesy of Galleria Duemila.

On exhibition at Galleria Duemila until 25 August is Jinggoy Buensuceso’s sculpture exhibition, “Distortions of Reality.”  Using earthy materials such as aluminum, Buensuceso has brought together an impressive collection of pieces that delineate the galactic supernatural.

Jinggoy Buensuceso, Our Time Folds, Unfolds and Accelerates 1 (2018). Powder coated aluminum. 115 x 123 x 52 cm / 45.31 x 48.46 x 20.49 in. Courtesy of Galleria Duemila.

His Supernova series, which are works made up of molten aluminum and coated with shimmering paint and texture, imagines the genesis of the cosmos and the way it continues to bend and flow according to unseen physical and metaphysical forces–the materials offer a peek into a portrayal of stars and the constellations that they belong to, planets, asteroids, comets, galaxies.  Effectively, the aluminium, after it is heated and molten, takes shape in a way that depicts forces beyond limit.

By Jinggoy Buensuceso. Courtesy of Galleria Duemila.

Buensuceso also includes plastic toys acquired during his college days that he has deconstructed and reconstructed, some of which are built into more organic materials, showing an interesting paradox of the natural and the man-made–putting forth the question, What is real? as it challenges constructs. It’s a testament to his compositional skill that these juxtapositions weaken neither element and provides a unique perspective on creation.

The show runs until 25 August in Galleria Duemila. For more information, hours, and a map to the gallery, click here.

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