“Fluido”: Lui Medina, Barbara Fragogna, Renzo Marasca, et al at Art Informal Greenhills

Artinformal, in collaboration with Fusion Art Gallery/Inaudita in Turin and presented in partnership with the Philippine-Italian Association, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, and Prestige Paper Products, is pleased to present FLUIDO, a collective exhibition curated by Barbara Fragogna and Lui Medina.

In a paradoxical world, where the terms liquidity, fluidity, exchange, travel, movement suggest a predominantly positive meaning, one can spot the doubt of constraint: should one start looking for the perfect place? Should we abandon the unwelcoming homeland? Should one cross the borders out of necessity?

The artists, as ambassadors of a universal desire, question themselves and give their answer by seeking feasible and non-utopian solutions, suggesting alternative ways and shaping, with their plastic intellect and through their own mediums, visions of the present as a base for an accessible future.

By combining the work of these eight artists coming from different paths, artistically and culturally, the exhibition in itself finds its fulfillment and completion in the “neutral” place.

Courtesy of Art Informal.

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