“six hundred and fifteen thousand four hundred and eighty eight”: Maria Cruz at Galleria Duemila


“six hundred and fifteen thousand four hundred and eighty eight” is a continuation of the project “one million dollars” which was exhibited at Artspace following Maria Cruz’s residency in 2006.

Maria Cruz’s abstraction is an aesthetic remembrance on the valuation and devaluation of coins, the intuitive process of putting color to the elements continuously and the modulation of documenting day-to-day works. Her process of tracing the outline of coins then rendering them with a transparent wash of colour is exorbitantly a trademark of the artist.

The power of the circular element of coins is what can be called a ubiquitous concept of ‘having’, an existential challenge of acquiring properties to prove permanence and of making recollections to prove works eternal.

A recipient of several exhibition and residency grants among them Institut fuer Auslandsbeziehungen in Germany; MOMA PS1 in New York City; Visual Arts and Crafts Board in Australia and joining over more than 50 solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Philippines, and Australia, Maria Cruz stages her next exhibition at Galleria Duemila adding to her one million dollar series. Exhibition will run until December 29, 2018.

For contact information and gallery address, click here.

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