“State of Market” by Tracie Anglo-Dizon at Pablo Galleries


“Not a Pollock (detail),” Tracie Anglo-Dizon

Commodities in public markets are the subject of Tracie Anglo-Dizon’s first solo exhibition, State of Market, currently on view at Pablo Fort until 27 October.

“A Subtle Invasion,” Tracie Anglo-Dizon.

Equating a market’s overall health with the community’s, Anglo-Dizon puts to the fore piles of food items that are commonly found in the palengke (Filipino for “market”), like danggit, garlic, and other produce.  The exhibition notes say it is not “overtly political,” but given current events, the paintings’ subjects can’t help but pit the familiarity of these food items with the reality of inflation and scarcity.

Politics aside, Anglo-Dizon’s paintings give these “basic goods” the star treatment, freshly rendering them in an expressionistic style and in colour palettes that hint at that movement.   Visiting a public market in the Philippines is immersive, enveloping one in its sights and smells and textures.  Anglo-Dizon’s portrayal of these items in the macro hearken to that experience–enjoyably, but also unavoidably worryingly.

“Blades of Fish (detail),” Tracie Anglo-Dizon.

State of Market runs until 27 October. For more information on the event details, click here.

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