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“Horizon of Expectations” by Samantha Feleo at CCP

The exhibition is primarily composed of a series of hybrid sculptures made out of fired stoneware and artificially grown crystals. The works are a reflection of the artist’s phenomenological experience of time and space and the representation of an expansive and imaginative universe through the creation of dynamic and ever-changing work.

Posterity Book Launch at CCP

Hold (and read!) an entire exhibit with your own hands for the Cultural Center of the Philippines will launch an exhibition book entitled POSTER/ITY: 50 Years of Art and Culture at the CCP this coming November 26, 2019, 6:00 p.m.at the Main Gallery, 3rd floor, CCP Main Building, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

“Normal Scheduling Will Resume Shortly” by Poklong Anading and Neil Fettling at CCP

Normal scheduling will resume shortly engages with the arteries which make our cities run, both visible and invisible. Taking Manila and Melbourne as its departure points this exhibition ruminates on how we think, use and engage with networks and arterials, asking us to consider how we might understand these through poetic frameworks. Poklong Anading (Manila) and Neil Fettling (Melbourne) engage with the histories and the flotsam and jetsam that patinas the road and the city exploring through individual and collaborative works arterials as sites of congestion, engagement and performance and a palimpsest of private and public moments.

“Hands On: Touch, Engage, Create” at CCP

In printmaking, interaction that make use of the senses other than sight are indicative of the process itself: touch is deployed to ascertain the surface of paper, one checks out the smell if the ink can still be used, one “listens” to how the ink sounds when applying with a brayer, thereby deciding if the thickness of the ink is appropriate enough.

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