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“Position Paper” at Galerie Stephanie

Galerie Stephanie presents Position Paper 2019 from September 2 to September 16, 2019. With over 50 artists ranging from new discoveries to national artists, this second all-paper exhibition promises something for everyone. An annual exhibit created to highlight paper as a viable medium for the visual arts, Position Paper attempts to persuade the public of the many virtues of the medium; particularly it’s versatility which allows it to be used by artists in ways that cannot be expressed through other media.

“Mental Space” at Galerie Stephanie

Much like one’s thoughts, mental space cannot belong to or be created by someone else other than its owner. In “Mental Space,”—a Dexter Mulato Sy-curated show—Rowshan Begum, Melvin Culaba,Sally Ponce Enrile, Fiona Helena, Niño Hernandez Art, Meghan Hildebrand, Camille Quintos, Luis Lopa,Marlon Magbanua, JP Pining, Beatrix Syjuco andValen Valero manipulate spatiality giving carte blanche to its audience such as creating meaning for works that as tactile as it is abstracted by the inner workings of the human mind.

One Step Ahead: Forum on Professionalizing Your Art Career at Galerie Stephanie

With the diverse market, competition is high and the opportunities are vast in the art world. It can be daunting, ruthless, and a bit tricky to traverse. Entering the scene comes with a bunch of challenges that will ultimately develop an artist’s receptivity to innovation and contribution to cultural development. That is why Galerie Stephanie pulled together three industry experts— Toym Leon Imao,Luigi Singson, and Dexter Mulato Sy—to inspire and enlighten emerging artists through their professional career—the ins and outs of dealing with galleries, exhibiting professionalism when dealing with clients, and maximizing all opportunities that come one’s way.

Gabby Prado’s “Visual Diary: Synesthesia” at Galerie Stephanie

“Visual Diary: Synesthesia” is Gabby Prado’s personal documentation throughout the stages of her life. Using her relationship with the presence/absence of sound as main prompts, the artist has translated auditory memory into abstract expressionist paintings. Her first solo exhibit aims to give people a better understanding of her narrative, not as one burdened by these conditions, but as one inspired and informed by it.

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