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“High Wire High Seas” by Josephine Turalba at Galleria Duemila

Josephine Turalba is an interdisciplinary artist who explores issues of divide and convergence within a volatile geo-political world order. Her works reflect on the politics of violence and dynamics of infliction and trauma, depicting spaces where empathy translates into healing. She has a nomadic relation to various forms of media, including performance, installation, experimental video, photography, tapestry, and painting, which allows her to explore her obsessions on socio-political narratives, myths and personal histories.

“Markedness” at Art Anton

in the midst of commonality. With this selection of artists and their recent works, Art Anton reinforces this esteem and distinction for art audiences and enthusiasts alike, proudly presenting artists who have made their mark, and continuously create enthralling works of art that are veritable visual feasts.

Altro Mondo Presents “Abstract Views” at Conrad Manila

Abstract Views brings together nine artists whose works encompass a variety of concerns and artistic approaches within the realm of abstraction. Certain artists are paired together according to thematic or formalistic similarities in their works, while this simultaneously highlights the nuances that distinguish each of their creative practices.

“Horizon of Expectations” by Samantha Feleo at CCP

The exhibition is primarily composed of a series of hybrid sculptures made out of fired stoneware and artificially grown crystals. The works are a reflection of the artist’s phenomenological experience of time and space and the representation of an expansive and imaginative universe through the creation of dynamic and ever-changing work.

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