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“Brokenness and Breakthrough” by Coeli Manese at Secret Fresh

In a world of Instagram-worthy curated images and perfectedly crafted status updates, it`s rare to find someone who is willing to show chinks in his or her armor. And yet thisis exactly what Coeli Manese seeks to achieve with her first solo exhibit, “brokenness to breakthrough”. The paintings were inspired by broken pottery pieced together with gold, or the Japanese art form of Kintsugi.

“Detour” by Wilfredo Alicdan at Secret Fresh

Artist Wilfredo Alicdan takes us to a new chapter of his oeuvre and presents a collection that looks very unfamilliar of his former style. This time , his works was completely in surreal plane, with “the heads becomes the eyes”. His theme – avisual analogy of our present time and his personal experiences as a single dad.

“Gross Traumatic Stress” by Tyang Karyel at Secret Fresh

Gross Traumatic Stress (GTS) is a serious condition that can develop after a person experiences depression due to lack of money, time and pressure from society. Most people who experience Gross traumatic stress will have reactions that may include feelings of self disgust, anxiety and panic attacks. These feelings continue, becoming so strong that they keep the person from living a normal life and blocking people who are close to them.

“Walls Could Talk” by Jade Suayan at Secret Fresh

Oftentimes at a loss for words, afraid of being misunderstood, one hesitates to communicate. In the face of this very fear, one finds a safe place to withdraw, building walls, and avoiding contact. This much is true for artist Jade Suayan. Never the verbal type, she has inadvertently kept even those dear to her, outside the walls she has built for herself.

Anne Barles’ “Release the Hype” at Secret Fresh

Artist, Anne Barles had a new attack in her artwork by mixing pop art in today’s trend. Artist showcases her passion in creating a masterpiece using iconic subjects in their hype outfits. Her works connects fine art with the masses and involved using imagery that ordinary people could recognize and relate to.

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