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“Sudor” by Syaiful Garibaldi at Silverlens Galleries

SILVERLENS and ROH Projects (Jakarta) continue their pioneering series of inter-gallery exchange and collaboration with Indonesian artist Syaiful Garibaldi’s solo exhibition Sudor. Garibaldi first exhibited at SILVERLENS with Limaciform in 2017. This exhibition marks the artist’s second solo show with the gallery.

“Zigazig ah!” by Yee I-Lann at Silverlens Galleries

SILVERLENS is pleased to announce one of its three concluding exhibitions of the year, ZIGAZIG ah! by Sabahan artist Yee I-Lann. This is Yee’s first solo exhibition in Manila since her 2016 landmark exhibition, Yee I-Lann: 2005-2016, in Ayala Museum. This is also her second solo exhibition with Silverlens, but her first in the Manila gallery space. Previous exhibition was Tabled (2014) at Silverlens, Gillman Barracks, Singapore.

“Actants” by Mit Jai Inn at Silverlens Galleries

The title Actants refers to both human and non-human agents as equal participants in an ongoing set of transformations – a metaphor for the artist’s collaboration with light, color, labor, and time in contextual relation to metaphysical, political and social constructions of power and belief.

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