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[Sketch] Corinne de San Jose Discusses Her Work for Abstract Photography Exhibition, “Equivalent/s,” at Silverlens

Blink and you’ll miss it–and we hope you don’t.  “Equivalent/s,” exploring methods of abstraction in photography, and curated by Rachel Rillo, is on its last couple of days in Silverlens Galleries. For this week’s Sketch, we asked Corinne de San Jose, one of the exhibiting artists, about the photographs she created for the show. 

Chati Coronel’s “The Infinite Yes” at Silverlens Galleries

SILVERLENS is pleased to announce Chati Coronel’s seventh solo exhibition with the gallery, The Infinite Yes. In this series of large new works, Coronel has assembled a suite of vibrantly coloured panels that reference creation myths from around the world and their recognizable leitmotifs: first woman and man; contact with the human and the divine; order out of chaos. Also alluded to are myths less familiar to us, stories of worlds summoned from dreams, song or the gut. All are executed through layered sweeps of underpaint with a silhouette as acting as a final coat – a window to an interior world; a portal to a dimension beyond. Simultaneously this multiple layering also evokes the possibility of existence of multiple universes, tracing a line over the limits of what we think we know. 

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Bernardo Pacquing’s Solo Exhibition at Silverlens

In one of his series, Bernardo Pacquing references the Kalungaya tribe’s Cañao ritual where an animal is sacrificed during festivities. In its preparation, a pig’s chest is slit open, allowing a wooden stick to pound and thrust into the animal’s heart. He recounts this act as an overture to his process of assembling materials that are seemingly alien to each other and molding them into one coherent piece.

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